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February, 2010

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4/20/2012 7:28:38 AM
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4/20/2012 7:14:36 AM
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4/20/2012 6:34:59 AM
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4/20/2012 3:47:57 AM
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4/20/2012 3:26:11 AM
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</b>reat comes less than two weeks after GOP leaders repeatedly criticized him over the summit with Russian leader Boris Yeltsin before he had even returned home. The House is expected to vote this week on a measure that would cut $2.8 billion from the administration's $21.6 billion budgetwhich Secretary of State Christopher called "rock bottom"covering foreign aid and diplomatic operations.Rep. Benjamin Gilman (R-Middletown), who heads the House International Relations Committee
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</b>otal nuclear test ban treaty.But the officials said the Chinese leader agreed to further talks on trade, the environmental, arms dealing and crimefighting. And Jiang agreed to look into Clinton's concerns about two human rights cases. Seeking to improve ties with China after months of tense relations, Clinton faced congressional critics ready to pounce on any concessions to the Communist nation. Pressure from the GOP Congress prompted Clinton to permit Taiwan's president to
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4/20/2012 2:40:39 AM
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</b>day from his wife, Penelope D'Amato, from whom he has been legally separated for 13 years. "It speaks for itself," the senator said, climbing into the back of a gray Cadillac, on the rear of which a bumper sticker proclaimed, "It's Mario Cuomo's Fault."FOR THE COMMUNITY of early
4/19/2012 9:10:23 PM
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death, a Florida appeals court cleared the way yesterday for Anna Nicole Smith to be buried beside her son in the Bahamas.The blond celebrity's remains could be moved to the Bahamas as soon as today, with the funeral set for tomorrow morning.The appeals court's decision was a blow to Virgie Arthur, who had fought to bury her daughter in Texas."She's disappointed," said Arthur's attorney Roberta Mandel. "The sanctity of a family was not upheld today."The ruling did nothing to
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t, the mansion was designed by architect Charles Pierrepont H. Gilbert. Heir of a luxury furniture emporium that decorated the White House, Sloane had the townhouse constructed in 1905, shortly after his marriage to Jesse Sloane ended in a scandal when she remarried five hours af
4/19/2012 7:50:37 PM
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4/19/2012 7:04:40 PM
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</b>ed for "Sabbath's Theatre," his 21st book. The title of her collection is a standard Creole exchange between Haitian elders who ask "Krik?" to see if their children are ready to hear a story. The children respond with an enthusiastic "Krak!" The first short story involves a woman caught up in the political turmoil in Haiti while she writes a letter to her lovera man bound for Miami aboard a boat. The last is about a family of women preparing for a wedding. In between "are a
4/19/2012 4:21:56 PM
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</b>denceincluding eight points outlining the activities of Nichols and his Army buddy Timothy McVeigh in the months before the April 19 blastwere cited by Howland as grounds to keep Nichols in custody pending indictment. McVeigh's lawyer, meanwhile, complained about the 24-hour camera surveillance in his prison isolation cell. The lawyer, Stephen Jones, said, "I see the camera as simply an attempt to engage in a kind of psychological warfare, and I think ultimately, perhaps, wou
4/19/2012 2:56:21 PM
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</b>l get bad marks for human rights by the State Department. The First Lady's trip was in limbo until about 10 days ago, when the Chinese finally let imprisoned activist Harry Wu come to the U.S. Delegates already in China for a Non-Governmental Organization Forum, meeting about 40 miles northeast of Beijing, have complained about overzealous security and surveillance by the Chinese, and there was talk they would pack up and leave."We have expressed our concerns," McCurry said.
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</b>ood spokesman Mamoun El-Hodeibi told The Associated Press. Outside the Brooklyn mosque, Democratic City Councilman Noach Dear, a leader in the city's Orthodox Jewish community, hailed the verdicts as "a great victory . . . that "sends a message to would-be terrorists." But worshiper Sal Aboushi insisted that Abdel-Rahman always focused on Islamic teaching, not terrorism. "He spoke the truth . . . He called for truth and honesty, for the things my parents taught me," Aboushi s
4/19/2012 2:28:15 PM
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</b>secutors say owned the two firearms used in the stunt - pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and threatened memorabilia dealers Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley at the Palace, Cashmore said. &quot;If we were in Los Angeles, you'd be lying where you stand,&quot; McClinton shouted,
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</b>line. He became the Dodgers' regular center fielder in 1949, two years before Mickey Mantle broke in with the Yankees and Willie Mays joined the Giants, ushering in an era of unabashed hero worship as the three New York teams slugged it out for first place in their respective leagues. There were long and heated arguments in front of candy stores, in saloons, in the middle of stickball games, over which one was the world's greatest center fielder. Those days inspired songwri
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</b>ates was unparalleled. The speedy midfielder was invaluable for the Stanners. When he went down with a groin injury at the start of the season, his absence coincided with his team's downturn as Molloy dropped three straight.When he returned against Fordham Prep on Oct. 2, he help
4/19/2012 8:20:25 AM
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</b>&ldquo;He has recognized his mistake and surely has paid for it,&rdquo; said David Weinstein, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman. &ldquo;He&rsquo;s also apologized for it, setting an admirable example in the process, not only for New Jersey but also for the country.&rdquo; Tuesday was th
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</b>ten being "an irritating littl e girl." A mother of two children from her marriage to rocker wanna-be Danny Keogh, Lisa Marie "showed she was his equal in marriage, if not more," said Michael Solomon, who edits Esquire's "Women We Love" issue. "She clearly speaks her own mind. She
4/19/2012 3:32:52 AM
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4/17/2012 7:00:07 PM
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</b>d-print purse slung over her right shoulder and blood oozing down her chin and chest.Prosecutors say the B-movie actress was ready to leave record mogul Phil Spector's 28-room mansion in the early morning hours of Feb. 3, 2003, when the quirky producer allegedly jammed a blue ste
4/16/2012 9:51:54 AM
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4/15/2012 1:23:57 PM
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4/11/2012 4:19:06 AM
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